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NANOART Solarplate and Monotype Printmaking - A Microscopic Perspective


NANOART Solarplate and Monotype Printmaking - A Microscopic Perspective

Description - Science has rapidly progressed into sub-atomic space.  It is now possible for magnifying tools to discover images made of sub-atomic particles.  NANOART is microscopic imagery.  Nano-Solarplate Etchingsand/or Nano-Monoprints are works of art depicting natural structures of matter discovered at molecular and atomic scales. These structures are visualized through digital photography and computers, with magnifying tools, telescopes,      scanning electron microscopes, and atomic scales.  The microscopic images are captured, analyzed, creatively       refined, and further processed, utilizing different artistic media and printmaking techniques to convert mic images into original works of art.  The format of this creative course will have high appeal for artists,  craftsmen, educators, humanities, scientists, and technology fields.


Roger E. Hyndman
Art Gallery

Drawing Nature  

Capture in sketches and drawings the powerful drama and beauty of the landscape, utilizing a variety of drawing materials, tools, and techniques. You will select and compose the image, recording the countryside, waterfalls, farm, animals, birds, a variety of plants and flowers, beautiful natural forms, and the human form in the environment.  Use a variety of drawing materials such as graphite, pencils, charcoal, craypas, pastels, and mixed media. Explore and use composition techniques such as perspective, balance, focal point, movement, size, and shape.  Capture the “open air” image, utilizing highlight and shadow, interesting textures, shading, and the incredible moods of nature.  Drawing Nature will appeal to artists of all levels, from students and beginners to painters, photographers, and artists of all media.